About us

Fancystyleman(FSM) was born in west coast of the United States, now we extend our journey to European, Australia, Singapore and more. We are group of car and sports enthusiasts. We simply love it and it has become our lifestyle, therefore we wanted to connect more with our passion by providing quality equipment at reasonable prices and excellent customer care and customer service to each of you.


The motorcycle gear market was small and lack of variety, so we decided to make customizing product line with materials chosen from thousands pieces of offering. Besides the high-quality material, we care about your excitement as well, we add some spice to our motorcycle backpack collection, so it is able to connect by phone and easy to switch pattern shown in the front. All of these unique ideas draw our final products here.


FSM strive to keep improving and keep making our products affordable, hassle free and with only the best of care we can so you can become the best version of yourself.