How to choose your first bike?

How to choose your first bike?

I am often asked what kind of car a novice should buy. This is really a difficult question to answer. Just like when someone asks you what kind of girlfriend I should choose, it is really difficult to give advice, so I usually advise car friends. Take care of needs, personality, hobbies, budget, and purpose, and then let him have a screening range first... But if there is something that a novice should pay attention to when buying a car, we can talk about it~

Don’t rely too much on reviews. It’s like you’ve never had a drink before, and every day you watch someone doing a live-streaming of drinking. This sauce is fragrant, that’s soft, mouth-watering, and all kinds of bragging. Then you believe it and just buy wine and prepare it. I started to dry, and then I found that MD is not like that at all. There is no such thing as sauce, soft, and I almost choked to death when I took a sip... As for drinking, look at different regions, different ages, and different scenes. It's the same, as a newcomer, if you don't have a good understanding of your own scene conditions, you can refer to it, but if you don't have a brain, you believe that you are cheating yourself. In contrast, you can choose a simple and extensive choice for appearance and brand. The reason for a suitable car, and then cooperate with your own personal experience, it should be said that this will be a more suitable experience


Don't worry about performance over the transition. Isn't buying a car just buying performance? Why is performance taboo? Remember your need to buy a laptop back in the day? Before you buy it, what you are thinking about is the CPU, memory, motherboard, and what evaluation scores. After you buy it, you use the computer to listen to songs, watch movies, and swipe blog every day. Until the computer is replaced by a mobile phone, 50% of the performance is not used by you. Even a 2T hard drive still has a 1.5T motorcycle that has not been reclaimed. For a novice, the focus should be more comprehensive. If you are a novice, don't worry too much about performance, and then on the brand, appearance , Take a look at the service, whether the sitting height is not suitable, whether the workmanship is meticulous, whether the gear is clear, whether the brake is working well, whether the sitting position is acceptable, as for how fast, how much horsepower, and whether the torque is the highest in the same level, these and You really don't have much relationship, these have a lot to do with the price.


Don't go beyond the budget, the budget is a matter of no head, when the budget is 30,000, you will find that adding 10,000 can buy a car with a larger displacement and better configuration. Arrived, so as long as you determine a budget, there must be better ones, so the best way is to adjust your mentality, do things according to your ability, and don’t exceed the budget. After all, people ride for the sake of happiness. kidnapped by car.


Don’t be greedy for petty bargains. It’s also a car sale. Why is it cheaper to buy it online? Why is someone’s second-hand car several thousand cheaper than other car dealers? When the wind blows, of course, choose the cheaper one. You only find out when you buy the car and go home. The procedures, maintenance, and various troublesome problems are waiting for you to solve. There is still a lot of labor costs involved, so when you don’t understand, you would rather find a big business to spend a few hundred dollars more, try not to try to be cheap.


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